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S2M offers you a new tool to fight against fraud

Traditional methods of data analysis have long been used to detect fraud. They require complex and tedious investigations that deal with different areas of knowledge such as finance, economics, business practices, and law. Fraud often consists of many cases or incidents involving repeated transgressions using the same method.
It’s time to adopt anti-fraud technologies, so come and discover S2M’s innovation on this subject…

S2M, a key role in data protection

Against a background of technological change, the overall volume of non-cash payments continues to increase, with higher growth rates in Africa and the Middle East. Dematerialized operations are now part of the daily life of many consumers: transaction, purchase, access to bank account information, money transfer, etc.
For S2M, as experts in the field of electronic banking, innovation combined with data security remain at the center of our strategy, discover our news …

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