S2M offers you a new tool to fight against fraud
S2M offers you a new tool to fight against fraud

Fraud Management Monitoring

Whether the threat is internal, linked to the use of online banking services or that of the bank card, it is very real: bank fraud is a problem to which it is urgent to react.

Admittedly, it is difficult to estimate the real extent of the fraud because it is not only linked to a monetary loss but it can also damage the reputation and the brand image of the target brand. So how do you detect and prevent fraudulent activity?

S2M has developed the AI ​​/ ML “Machine Learning” system, based on a Big Data platform to detect and prevent these risks. The IA / ML “Machine Learning” system combines behavioral analysis techniques and detection of sharp anomalies as well as a whole of sharp mathematical algorithms, to adapt quickly to new approaches to fraud attempts.

Classic approach vs Big Data approach

S2M’s AI / ML “Machine Learning” system is supported by continuous self-learning, allowing it to reduce human intervention