Select-PX : Select Your Payment Experience
Select-PX : Select Your Payment Experience

As businesses evolve in the digital landscape, the demand for modern and secure payment solutions has never been higher. In this fast-changing world of digital payments, issuers, acquirers, centers and financial institutions seek solutions that seamlessly adapt to their digital needs. Experience Select-PX®, an innovative solution designed to reshape your payment experience.

Select-PX® introduces innovative features to enhance usability, user experience, and data valuation. Its powerful features are complemented by a design that prioritizes simplicity and intuitiveness. The interface, built on a business domain architecture such as issuing, acquiring offers monitoring solutions, dynamic reports, and diverse dashboards. An embedded BI system enriches the experience with insightful data visualization and analysis.

Select-PX® goes beyond providing power, it brings efficiency to your fingertips. With time-saving shortcuts such as Smart Search and Favorites, the system enhances productivity, making it easy to install, learn, and use. In essence, Select-PX® is a comprehensive and innovative back-office solution that eliminates complexity and boosts overall business efficiency. Whether it’s saving time through streamlined processes or ensuring advanced security measures, Select-PX® is at the forefront of delivering a superior payment experience, surpassing the expectations of modern businesses.

Value proposition

Let’s explore the tangible benefits that make Select-PX® a standout solution for modern payment needs. Each value proposition is a testament to our commitment to revolutionizing the way you approach payments.

  1. UX/US Transformation:

Redefining user experience, Select-PX® offers a modern, responsive, and ergonomic interface. This organization enhances efficiency, simplifying navigation and making it visually appealing. The system’s 360 navigation logic and linked functionalities ensure a seamless user journey, empowering users with quick access to desired screens and streamlined information management.

  1. Data Valuation:

The system’s two-tiered analysis, Exploitability and Data Visualization empowers users to extract valuable information effortlessly. Smart search and detailed filters make data highly exploitable, while insightful data visualization features present complex data sets in graphical formats, aiding better understanding and decision-making.

  1. Advanced Security Measures:

Advanced security measures and adherence to industry standards create a secure platform for handling sensitive information and transactions. Meeting all PCI requirements, businesses can trust that their data is protected, and transactions remain secure, instilling confidence in the system’s reliability.

Select-PX® Mobile Application:

The Select-PX® mobile app serves as a portal to real-time insights and data tracking. Clients can access vital information and analytics on-the-go, ensuring connectivity to their payment systems from any location and at any time. The app offers a seamless and user-friendly interface for tracking payment success rates, monitoring transaction volumes, and analyzing processing times.

Innovate your payment experience with Select-PX®. Select your payment experience today!