Innovate your customers’ purchases with our pioneering BNPL solutions!

Buy now, pay later (BNPL) is commonly referred to as interest-free installment credit, enabling consumers to finance their purchases on specific terms at point-of-sale or online.

BNPL Select-PX offers your customers a seamless shopping experience and unrivaled financial flexibility, while maintaining total control over their spending budgets.

Thanks to the solution’s flexible payment options, customers can spread out their repayments before, during or after the act of purchase.

  1.  Before purchase: the customer can activate the BNPL option and configure the payment schedule in advance.
  2.  During the purchase: the consumer keeps track of his budget and plans his installments.
  3.  After the purchase: the customer can pay for their purchases already made in N installments.

In addition, BNPL Select-PX® offers enhanced configuration, transaction management and commitment tracking features, which benefit both institutions and their customers. With our user-friendly and highly customizable platform, institutions can easily set up the solution according to their specific needs, while guaranteeing a smooth and personalized experience.

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