Instant Payment

Experience the power of instant payments with S2M!

Would you like to offer your customers the convenience of instant transactions, no matter what the payment channel? Look no further than the SELECT-PX® Instant Payment Solution.
Thanks to our cutting-edge technology, you can enable your customers to make instant payments, transfers and credit.

The advantages of instant payment are numerous:

  • 24×7 availability: consumers can make a payment at any time 24/7/365
  • Speed: Funds are instantly available in the beneficiary’s account, in real time or close to it.
  • Irrevocability: Once a payment has been initiated and accepted, it cannot be revoked, offering added security.
  • Assurance: Both originator and beneficiary will be immediately informed of payment approval or rejection, guaranteeing total transparency.
  • Interoperability: We use the ISO20022 standard, which enables data standardization for maximum interoperability and optimal efficiency of payments and rich data transfer.

Offer your customers the speed, security and convenience of instant payments with SELECT-PX® Instant Payment Solution.

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