Islamic Payment Management

SELECT-PX® Islamic Card Management Solution!

Introducing SELECT-PX® Islamic Card Management Solution : the ultimate solution in compliance with the principles of Islam and participatory finance, providing an authentic Islamic banking experience. Our solution guarantees zero interest on outstanding balances, and allows you to configure transaction restrictions based on merchant activities.

With unparalleled flexibility and customization options, you can offer tailor-made services to your customers using our complete, future-proof solution.

SELECT-PX® Islamic Card Management Solution incorporates the principles of Islamic Sharia law, enabling seamless management of the card transaction lifecycle. By aligning your activities with the values of participatory finance, you strengthen the loyalty of your customers and contribute to a fairer economy. Key benefits for banks include diversifying their card range, meeting the specific needs of a particular target customer base, and broadening their customer portfolio.

The solution offers exceptional flexibility through its advanced configuration level. This feature makes it possible to generate several offers tailored to the specific needs of each customer. In addition, it provides comprehensive management, control and reporting tools. This enables administrators to efficiently supervise and manage the entire process, while benefiting from enhanced visibility of program performance.

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