Agency Banking

Unlock financial inclusion with “Agency Banking” SELECT-PX®!

Select-PX® “Agency Banking” diversifies the distribution of financial services by making them accessible through a network of authorized agents. This model enables institutions to reach new customer targets while optimizing operating costs compared with a wholly-owned network.

The aim is to make financial services accessible to underprivileged or non-banked populations, overcoming challenges such as long distances, low population density and high banking fees in relation to income.

The solution manages a multitude of available financial services on mobile, internet and POS channels, including: cash in, cash out, money transfer, payment, purchase, bill payment, account verification, transaction consultation, alert reception, geolocation, marketing information etc… In addition, the solution guarantees secure enrolment of new customers based on strong authentication and KYC.

Authorized agents with POS terminals or access to the solution’s portal can offer a range of services to customers, providing them with new sources of revenue.

In addition, the “Agency Banking” Select-PX offers advanced configuration, transaction management and tracking functionalities, which benefit institutions, authorized agents and customers alike.

With our user-friendly platform, institutions can easily design offers adapted to the needs of their markets.

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