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At the time of the digital transformation of payment, technology is becoming a real competitive advantage.

Thanks to our SELECT-PX® payment system, modular, scalable and universal software suite, we provide complete payment solutions in all markets and cover all sales channels (online, offline, mobile, EPT, Kiosks, Internet…).

We offer a wide range of terminals, local, national, international and alternative payment methods and offer a plethora of innovative services.

Boasting an extensive partner network, S2M connects acquirers and issuers in real time, anywhere in the world, with integrated risk management.

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Our payment solutions modules

A complete and secure solution

In the digital world, merchants need to rely on multi-service offers that can operate different payment methods and that are available on a variety of channels: payment terminals, Mobile and Internet…

To meet these challenges, S2M, through its SELECT-PX® Merchant offer, provides acquirers with efficient and effective means capable of meeting the needs of their merchants in terms of acceptance of payment methods (contact or contactless card, Mobile HCE or Wallet…); value-added services (bill payment, refills, money transfer…) available on all channels (EPT, Mobile, Internet, Kiosk…).

Based on the other components of the software suite, SELECT-PX® Merchant is the ultimate tool to use in order to meet the current and future needs of acquirers and to build customer loyalty by enabling them to attract more consumers while protecting them against the risk of fraud during their commercial transactions in any place and at any time.

Payments anywhere, anytime

Globalisation and the removal of trade barriers are generating a rapid increase in the use of international payment methods,

S2M’s payment gateways provide financial institutions with the necessary mechanisms to connect to regional, national and international networks (Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Union Pay…), in a flexible and optimised manner while ensuring a high level of availability and compliance with the rules of risk management and fraud prevention.

Thanks to the gateways managed by SELECT System® as well as the other modules of its software suite, issuers can meet customers’ mobility needs by offering a wide range of products linked to multi-currency debit, prepaid and wallet accounts… giving access to a wide range of services (payment, cash, transfer…) through different means of payment (contact or contactless card, Mobile HCE or Wallet).

Buyers can also benefit from these gateways to optimise investments and generate profits by capturing flows resulting from interoperable services managed by international, regional and national payment systems.

A unique platform for all your payment channels

Consumers consider digitisation as a time-saver. They also see it as a means of dematerialisation, security and facilitation of electronic transactions, given that these are made available everywhere and at any time.

SELECT System® offers optimised, secure and flexible management of ATMs, EPT, Mobile Kiosks, Internet, call centres, interactive voice servers… while meeting the latest technology requirements in terms of high availability, scalability, performance and integration (Biometrics, QR-Code, HCE, strong authentication…).

Here are a few examples of the services managed by SELECT System®, we can mention: cash-in, cash out, payment (contact or contactless card, mobile HCE or Wallet), money transfer, bill payment, e-voucher and e-top up… The acquirer has a powerful tools to set up the selective deployment of these services by channel and by consumer category. The activation of SELECT System® gateways also offers the possibility to open this multi-channel acceptance network to a national, regional, international interoperability.

The multi-institutional, multi-currency and multi-country characteristics of SELECT System®, allow the PSP to deploy in a tight and secure manner, a unique multi-buyer, multi-channel and multi-service platform while having the means to customise for each purchaser the activation of the channels and the opening of the services offered by channel. Each actor in this ecosystem has an appropriate view on the platform associated with management and administration tools.

An array of benefits to meet all expectations

In a market overwhelmed by fierce competition, having solutions that offer the freedom to define “card” products becomes essential for issuers.

The SELECT-PX® Card-Issuing software suite manages a wide range of solutions that can be linked to multi-currency debit accounts, prepaid accounts, Wallets… It offers a wide range of services available on a multi-channel basis (payment, cash-in, cash out, money transfer, bill payment, e-voucher and e-top up…) via different payment methods (contact or contactless card, Mobile HCE or Wallets).

By combining it with payment gateways and taking advantage of SELECT-PX®‘s multi-currency capabilities, issuers can also meet the mobility needs of their customers by offering them products based on private, national, regional or international cards.

Thanks to its architecture and its functional richness, the issuers have a complete system able to offer a 360° view on the card wallet of the customers, manage in a secure and optimised way the whole cycle of use of the card (issue, authorisations, transactions, compensation, prevention against fraud…).

Modules adapted to your constraints

Caution is not optional when it comes to financial transactions. To mitigate risk, issuers and acquirers must monitor and authorise their transactions from multiple systems and channels at any time of the day.

S2M offers complete and reliable digital solutions. Our SELECT System® software suite uses advanced technologies such as fraud management, Tokenisation and the ACS server to ensure the security of electronic money transactions. Everything is deployed in order to equip financial organisations with effective means for the prevention and detection of fraud. The solution allows, thanks to powerful tools and predefined rules, to detect irregular or suspicious transactions and / or authorisations at the very same time of the authorisation request (on-line) or after their processing (off-line).

A simple, flexible and secure way of payment

To meet the demand and agree to new consumer habits, the offer of prepaid bank cards has grown considerably in recent years.

S2M’s prepaid cards offer retailers and financial institutions the prospect of targeting a broader customer base. These customisable cards do not require any bank account opening and simplify the management of the holders’ budgets. They allow carrying out standard banking transactions: withdrawals, transfers, payment by card… and can be used as a salary card, gift card, travel card, business card.
Holders of these prepaid cards also have an advantage in that they can easily control their expenses.

S2M prepaid cards respond appropriately to the needs of end users whether disposable or rechargeable, physical or virtual, personal or anonymous. Compatible with many currencies, they can be used internationally.

Effective management tools

Nowadays, financial institutions and credit companies manage their unsecured loan portfolios through independent networks. The latest technology solutions must be used in order to effectively support the management, collection and reporting of these loan portfolios, in particular when linking one’s card to a loan.

As a historical partner of financial institutions, S2M anticipates your needs to better assist you in your management strategies. We offer you the SELECT System® Loan Management module that is outstanding in terms of versatility. Indeed, it helps financial institutions and credit institutions to overcome these challenges and manage their loan portfolios reliably and efficiently, while minimising operational costs and using very advanced risk management tools.

Customised analysis tools

In response to the dematerialisation of money, it is urgent to adopt a management policy that uses digital tools. This is where S2M comes in. We provide you with digital solutions that are easy to understand and guarantee optimal performance.

In addition to management tools available in their standard version, SELECT-PX® Business Intelligence is a management tool that focuses on the analysis of your activities and the profitability of the adopted electronic payment solutions. It is designed to transform detailed payment data into valuable, easy-to-use management information, enabling companies to make the right decisions in a timely manner. Data analysis tools also allow users to use, model and analyse any payment and transaction data item at any time and under their full control.

The advantages of SELECT-PX®

Business development
With payment systems adapted to new uses, you will benefit from new national and international customers and increase your sales considerably.
Simplicity and evolution
SELECT System® easily integrates your existing IT structures. Open and scalable, the software suite is simple and easy to implement. In addition, it is modular and scalable in order to suit your needs.
Performance and robustness
The SELECT System® software suite includes a switch, a CMS and many value-added services that can be deployed on an omni-channel level.
With payment systems adapted to new uses, you will benefit from new national and international customers and increase your sales considerably.
SELECT System® easily integrates your existing IT structures. Open and scalable, the software suite is simple and easy to implement. In addition, it is modular and scalable in order to suit your needs.
The SELECT System® software suite includes a switch, a CMS and many value-added services that can be deployed on an omni-channel level.
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