Our history


The company Société Maghrébine de la Monétique was founded in Casablanca...

S2M's story begins with the launch of the first version of the MultiPac product.


Business will quickly go well. R & D and technical teams launch card personalisation and desktop publishing activities.

The MultiPac version is evolving and S2M announces the launch of the first software on UNIX: MultiXPac.


S2M does no longer want to settle for the Moroccan market only. The company joins the American company First Bank Card Software and sets out to conquer the American and Asian markets.


The success of S2M is only growing and the company's obtaining the 1st Moroccan Export Trophy for the recognition of its international customers is proof of that.

MultiXPac software evolves under Oracle to benefit from its robustness, its performance and its openness to the Infocentre.

At the same time, the S2M Production Centre obtains the ISO 9002 Quality Certification and is rewarded for its efforts.


S2M is pursuing its development unceasingly and launching the new "native EMV" version 6, whichsupports banks in their migration to the EMV standard.

In view of S2M's success, MPEF decides to take shares in the capital.

At the same time, the Production department obtains the ISO 9001 Version 2000 certification and MultiXPac changes its name to SELECT System®.

Demand continues and S2M is establishing itself in eight new markets: Syria, Yemen, Sudan, Togo, Palestine, India, Kuwait and Mauritania.


S2M's strong commitment to quality is rewarded; S2M was awarded the VSDC Chip and MasterCard M-Chip certifications, the ISO 9001 V2008 certification for the Production department and the CMMI® Level 2 certification. PA-DSS 1.2 for SELECT System®.

It is also at this time that EMV chip card personalisation activities are launched and S2M inaugurates its new 2000 m² Production centre.

Success is expanding and S2M is gaining new markets in 10 countries: Cameroon, DRC, Iran, Niger, Tanzania, Equatorial Guinea, Guinea Bissau, France, Benin and Libya.


S2M becomes the first Moroccan publisher to design, deploy and certify its own procedures to CMMI® level 4 standards.

In 2011, the rapid growth of S2M led to an IPO (Casablanca Stock Exchange) with the sale of 30% of its capital.

Around the same time, S2M had a successful "CMMI for Services" assessment of maturity level 3 for S2M Transactions and the PCI-DSS certification (Payment Card Industry - Data Security Standard)

Success is continuing and S2M is gaining 4 new markets: Ethiopia, Iraq, Germany and Luxembourg.


S2M establishes in a new location in New Zealand at Fisher & Paykel.

The same year, S2M is founding S2M TGCC in Bahrain following a JV with ALROYA Holding.

The company is expanding its client portfolio in Sierra Leone, Palestine, Iraq, Australia, Madagascar, Niger, Nepal, Sudan and Seychelles.


In order to facilitate the access of its customers to its solutions, S2M, who is now a strong brand associated with reliability, performance and innovation is proud to announce the opening of its showroom in Bouskoura.

S2M is proud to have obtained the UPI certificate, the renewal of the CMMI services level 3- certification, also acquired for the first time by S2M Technologies.

It is also the year of many new projects coming to fruition using the new SELECT System® version 8.


Continuing our journey of innovation, S2M celebrates the successful launch of Select-PX, strengthening our commitment to excellence and cutting-edge solutions. Select-PX marks a strategic turning point, offering a powerful, secure and modern solution which results in a faster, more efficient payment system, saving users valuable time and eliminating unnecessary complexity.