S2M, prime-mover in the digital transformation of payment solutions

Three decades ago, the company Société Maghrébine de Monétique -S2M, specialised in electronic payment was already spearheading the genesis of electronic banking in Morocco and later in North Africa

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As an electronic payment one-stop shop, S2M has the capacity to mobilise all the businesses of Secure Electronic Transactions “SET”, for its customers. Today it is this same belief that is driving our efforts in making S2M a driver of the digital transformation.

Our mission is to provide innovative electronic payment solutions and products to financial institutions, telecom operators, oil companies, retailers, aggregators, health and e-government players, and money transfer operators. S2M serves more than 180 institutions on 4 continents, drawing on the expertise of its teams and the synergy created with its technological partners.

Three lines of business serving our clients

Real synergy within an organisation designed to best meet market expectations.

S2M Secure Digital Solutions
Specialised in consulting, development, integration, training and maintenance of digital payment solutions.
S2M Payment As A Service
Dedicated to the outsourcing activities of our electronic payment solutions in SaaS mode (including hosting, supervision, operation and back-office processing services).
S2M Technologies
Offers personalisation services related to the means of payment (card and cheque) as well as services related to the publishing and maintenance of the channels allowing the electronic transactions (EPT, ATM, Mobile Internet, Kiosk).

Values and commitments

S2M's corporate culture favours collective intelligence and is placed at the heart of its operation. It is based on values, shared by 200 employees, who represent the strong foundation of the company.

We work with constant performance and continuous improvement in mind in order to deliver products and services of excellence, meet our commitments and go beyond the explicit expectations of our customers.
We strive to involve our customers in our development processes and aim for the real satisfaction of the need while ensuring flexibility and responsiveness.
We are experimenting with new solutions and testing technologies to open up new, unique and innovative perspectives, and to take on new challenges in order to optimize our processes.

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