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As a historical partner of payment aggregators and initiators, S2M develops innovative solutions that anticipate the needs of end customers. For example, the e-voucher / e-top-up solutions enables prepaid consumers to access specific services anytime, anywhere. This prevents them from getting into a process that is sometimes complex and time-consuming. The services are accessible via mobile phones. It is also possible to recharge the prepaid card provided to the consumer via the electronic payment terminals or via other channels.

As implied by its name suggests, the multi-channel bill payment option offers the consumer a wide range of options. They pay their bills by SMS, through EPT and ATMs, on the internet, etc. In parallel, other options are being developed to complement the range of products available to aggregators and billers.

Various control modules are integrated into our solutions to analyse all types of financial activities. Oil companies thus have the necessary tools to anticipate and remedy the risks of fraud.

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