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The S2M tokenization solution enables issuers to easily meet their customers’ demands for a digital payment experience (Token) using their digitally-enabled mobile phones.
The seamless implementation of advanced digital card functionalities into your “mobile banking” application is made simple through SDK. With this solution, your customers’ bank cards are instantly digitized and loaded onto their mobile phones, enabling them to carry out digitized purchasing transactions.

Experience the convenience of a complete, consolidated card digitization service in a single solution, including :

  •  Support for a very wide range of mobile platforms;
  •  Issuer’s Mobile App: effortlessly transform your mobile banking app into an NFC wallet, ensuring a smooth, frictionless experience for users.
  •  Market-standard platforms: easily and securely digitize your customers’ cards on renowned platforms such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, Fitbit Pay, Samsung Pay, Click to Pay and online merchants.
  • Digital card manager : Give cardholders the possibility to manage their digital cards themselves , offering them a strong sense of control and flexibility.
  • Card display: securely and confidentially expose card information within your application, instilling confidence and trust in your users.

By leveraging the S2M tokenization solution, you can deliver a superior digital banking and payment experience, strengthening your bonds with your cardholders while meeting their evolving needs.

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