Vision and innovation
Anticipate the needs of tomorrow

S2M, leader of the digital financial ecosystem

Nowadays, users are more attracted to simpler, more efficient, more transparent and largely customisable services.

The introduction of digitization a few years ago has contributed to a strong overhaul of the payment sector. The latter was induced by the Fin Techs who participated in changing the habits and expectations of users and institutions.

Embracing this digital transformation requires the modernisation of existing infrastructures and solutions. At S2M, our digital payment solutions are the result of significant R & D investments in key technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), cyber-security, block chain, big data and customer experience management.

In recent years, S2M’s R & D has had a strong technological road map, using the latest technologies:


Remote KYC integration and digital signature with AI / ML
Scoring platform for non-bank customers, allowing banks to offer instant micro-credit via mobile devices
Solution for fraud detection and prevention 
using AI / ML

The digital culture is to be spread

Adopting digital transformation requires in-depth modernisation of infrastructure and people. At S2M, we develop more transverse cooperation modes in a less formal, more agile and closer to our customers approach. That is why we have opened our showroom, a demo area where our solutions are in a self-service set-up so as to allow our customers and prospects to test our products.

At S2M, digital transformation is happening at all levels. The infrastructures, the organisation, the team and the product and service offers are dedicated to innovation.