Loyalty Cashback

S2M Cashback Program: Exclusive Benefits to Boost Sales and Customer Loyalty!

SELECT-PX® Cashback Program: Exclusive benefits to boost sales and build customer loyalty!

Drive merchant sales and offer irresistible benefits to cardholders with the SELECT-PX® Cashback Rewards program. This pioneering solution enables issuers to build customer loyalty and actively engage customers via a dedicated application. Cardholders can choose from a selection of carefully chosen special offers, unlocking exclusive savings.

The solution enables issuers to implement various loyalty programs by identifying :

  •   Participating merchants
  •   Eligible cardholders
  •   The minimum purchase amount to qualify for benefits
  •   The amount or percentage to be refunded to cardholders
  •   Maximum number of eligible transactions per period

Benefit from this exceptional opportunity to improve customer satisfaction and boost sales with SELECT-PX®’s Cashback Rewards program.

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