Digital transformation: a new spearhead for businesses
Digital transformation: a new spearhead for businesses

In an ever-changing, evolving and faster world, in which digitization occupies an increasingly important place, adaptation is key.
In today’s digital era, everything can be done remotely, while on the move or from home. Users are ultra-connected, ultra-informed and require the best services and products. No more product-centered companies. Companies must consider all the new factors and adopt new user-centered approaches and values.

S2M, prime-mover of the digital transformation

Since 1983, S2M has continuously developed the electronic transaction sector in Morocco and in several other countries of the African continent. This commitment is a result of the observation that digital technology plays an increasingly important role in our lives and the strong belief that it is only the beginning. This belief is what is guiding S2M today, making it a driving force in the digital transformation.

A digital transformation which benefits are well established as evidenced by the results of the latest survey conducted by CA Technologies and Coleman Parkes Research “Keeping Score: Why Digital Transformation Matters? ». 76% of respondents say that digitalization increases their ability to reach consumers on digital channels, 69% find that it brings a competitive advantage and 37% that it brings growth and/or new revenue resources.

In this context, S2M, as an Electronic money One Stop Shop, and its comprehensive offer of products and services in the field of secure electronic transactions, endorses an expert aggregator role in technology and must help companies succeed in their digitization project.

Thanks to its array of durable, robust and secure solutions, S2M supports anyone committed to their digital transformation in every sector.

SEDIC: the digital solution adopted by banks

The instant remote card issuance solution called “SEDIC” allows organizations to produce on-demand cards within their centers.
This new solution responds in a practical, pragmatic and perfectly secure way to several problems, the main ones being:
– The logistical difficulties including those related to the routing of the cards of a country, or a region, to another.
– The deadlines for the provision and delivery of cards and confidential codes.
– The improvement of customer experience and the opportunity for an institution to have a significant competitive advantage.

In Africa, one of S2M’s favorite regions, for example, banks can take weeks or even months to deliver cards to their customers. This new solution facilitates accessibility to the banking system and plays a role in financial inclusion.

The process is simple:
– A user comes to their bank to obtain a credit card,
– The advisor captures their information and initiates the issuance of their card on their workstation,
– The transmission of data is carried out from the workstation at the S2M data center (highly secure)
– Automatically, a connection is made between the center and a printer located within the agency (or in a regional center)
– The customer leaves with their card in their pocket; the whole operation only took a few minutes!

“SEDIC” is adopted by several banking and financial organizations. Indeed, it instantly responds to users’ expectations and enables banks to perform better. This digital solution responds to customer loyalty strategies and accelerates business development.