S2M expands outside Morocco
S2M expands outside Morocco

In the field of Secure Electronic Transaction (TES), annual global growth related to non-cash payments has reached more than 10% for the first time according to the 2016 edition of the World Payments Report. S2M’s Global strategy thus remains a must in the sector.
Indeed, the sector regulations, the national infrastructures of each country and the users’ needs impose a local action resulting from a global reflection.

As part of its development strategy focused on the region of Africa and the Middle East, S2M is proud to announce the opening of two new subsidiaries in the Kingdom of Bahrain and in Tunisia.

A2C and TGCC, two international entities for a local approach

S2M Transactions Gulf Cooperation Council (S2M TGCC) and African Card Company (A2C) are two joint ventures that, although independent, are nonetheless part of the S2M family. S2M has chosen to create these joint ventures with local partners in order to combine its expertise with theirs and offer an outsourcing solution based on the SELECTSystem® software package in the logical continuity of its “Electronic money One Stop Shop” positioning.

The launch of these two subsidiaries is a new significant milestone in S2M’s international expansion in these regions, which from now on will be tackled differently.
This evolution demonstrates S2M’s ability not only to create new structures, outside the national territory, but also to succeed in launching activities through a collaborative effort of all resources, both technical and human, to ensure the business plans’ anticipated growth. Collaborative work brings openness to all S2M employees, especially to S2M Technologies employees, who have closely monitored the start of the A2C’s activities.

A new challenge, a new human adventure

Being committed to the S2M brand, for which they consider themselves to be the agents in their respective areas, the new employees and the entire S2M family are ready to live this new adventure and make it successful.

The S2M family does not only expand geographically, but it also offers opportunities for contacts, learning, multiculturalism and sharing…

S2M’s six nationalities (Moroccan, Tunisian, Bahrain, Egyptian, Indian and Nepalese) represent a beautiful resource.

The region of Africa and the Middle East is a major source of growth and allows S2M to be closer to its target and more efficient in its solutions and products. The creation of these subsidiaries is the result of a strategic reflection that continues to evolve.