Attijariwafa Bank innovates through the use of S2M’s Contactless Technology
La Technologie Contactless par ATTIJARIWAFA BANK


Card users want ever faster and more secure payment solutions. Eager to meet these new expectations, Attijariwafa Bank trusted S2M to develop the Contactless technology, a major first in Morocco!


Attijariwafa Bank has marketed the first Contactless card. It was designed in S2M’s technological center.

Contactless – or contactless technology – allows you to use your credit card easily, quickly (without a code or signature introduction) and safely. Produced in S2M’s technology center, this card is part of the wide range offered by the company. Indeed, nearly 6 million cards are personalized each year in the same center: bank cards, prepaid cards, loyalty cards… designed on traditional or innovative media such as cards with graphics finishing (selective varnish, embossed, tactile, or transparent effect…).

Attijariwafa bank is the first Moroccan bank to market its Wajda Contactless card, a prepaid card which can be used by its customers for all purchases below 200 DHS. Compared to a cash transaction, it is a real time saver and reduces the risk of error and fraud.

Témoignage :

Faiz Alaoui, Director of Electronic payment for the Attijariwafa Bank Group, said about this technological leap: “Electronic banking in Morocco is evolving at a great speed; technological innovation has always been a strategic lever for our group. Our main objective is the satisfaction of our customers through our products and services with high added value and thanks to a better quality of service and security of use. The launch of the Contactless card is the result of a long partnership with S2M who spared no effort to succeed in this challenge which is both a first and a technological leap in Morocco. Well done!”


Attijariwafa Bank