S2M confirms its strong commitment to quality

Quality is a founding principal at S2M. Since our beginnings, we have placed it at the center of our concerns; even embedding it in our internal values.
Quality or performance creates satisfaction and the satisfaction of our customers is fundamental. It is an integral part of the continuous improvement program defined by S2M.
The “Voice of the customer” is there to guide the company towards this pro-activity it seeks and towards better profitability.

An individual goal? No, rather a collective issue!

Customer satisfaction is a powerful engine in optimizing the company’s profitability through the various impacts it can have, notably on reputation, customer management, and innovation.

In this perspective, performance is everyone’s business and our DNA is made up of behaviors, always at the service of customer satisfaction, that we live on a daily basis such as:
– Prioritize the interest of the client
– Have a permanent concern to listen to him and understand his needs
– And provide it with the most suitable solutions, sources of added value in its activities.

Quality, the embodiment of our reliability value

Thanks to our expertise and to continuous work carried out around three main axes such as the implementation of a customer relationship strategy, the improvement of customer dissatisfaction management through our support team and periodic measurement of customer satisfaction, we are proud to announce that we have obtained a new quality certificate.

The latter, a token of our excellence, rewards the efforts made by all the employees involved to better meet our customers’ expectations and act on their continued satisfaction.

This distinction underlines our importance for quality, which is part of our Reliability value and strengthens our image as an ambassador for Moroccan electronic banking expertise.

At S2M, we are convinced that we have all the capabilities to do better and know that quality is above all a collective state of mind that cannot be sustainable without being general.