Ethiopia Banking & ICT Summit

27 April 2018 | Ethiopia
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Recognized for its steady stream of visitors, the expertise of its regular exhibitors and its focus on the latest global banking technologies, the 5th “Ethiopia Banking & ICT Summit 2018” is the meeting place of the sector, where experienced banking professionals combine successful banking strategies and practical case studies transforming the current financial ecosystem. The conference’s topics are always focused on the future shape of the banking sector and ICTs, their evolution and impact on local markets.

Key topics will be covered on the sidelines of this event, such as: Digital Payment Solutions, Cloud Computing Solutions, Information Security and Key Public Infrastructure, Mobile Banking and Internet Solutions, Agency Banking Solutions, Digital Banking Solutions, Cyber ​​Security, Omnichannel Banking…

This event is an opportunity for S2M to share its recent innovations and developments with you and to develop other brilliant ideas by exchanging conversations and sharing information with your visitors.