A heavier, more elegant metal bank card
A heavier, more elegant metal bank card

A card from another metal

Full Metal, hybrid, Veneer, compact or even ceramic: the new generations of payment cards offer an experience

For a long time, the bank card has not been a simple means of payment. Whether it is golden, black and now made of metal, a bank card is also a way for its holder to show his financial ease and to prove his status. Most banks thus offer Gold and Premier, Platinum, Infinite… bank cards to satisfy high-end or very high-end customers.

To offer its customers the latest technological innovations, S2M is introducing a complete and unique range of metallic payment cards in Morocco. Prestigious support that combines elegance, luxury, and design for an original menu that will not fail to make an impression …

The metal bank card is much heavier than an ordinary bank card, or even a gold or black bank card. The details of this bank card are also engraved very precisely, with a laser for example. The trick is to play on charisma and elegance in an even more pronounced way than for a Black card.