Payment channel management

A unique platform for all your payment channels

Consumers consider digitisation as a time-saver. They also see it as a means of dematerialisation, security and facilitation of electronic transactions, given that these are made available everywhere and at any time.

SELECT System® offers optimised, secure and flexible management of ATMs, EPT, Mobile Kiosks, Internet, call centres, interactive voice servers… while meeting the latest technology requirements in terms of high availability, scalability, performance and integration (Biometrics, QR-Code, HCE, strong authentication…).

Here are a few examples of the services managed by SELECT System®, we can mention: cash-in, cash out, payment (contact or contactless card, mobile HCE or Wallet), money transfer, bill payment, e-voucher and e-top up… The acquirer has a powerful tools to set up the selective deployment of these services by channel and by consumer category. The activation of SELECT System® gateways also offers the possibility to open this multi-channel acceptance network to a national, regional, international interoperability.

The multi-institutional, multi-currency and multi-country characteristics of SELECT System®, allow the PSP to deploy in a tight and secure manner, a unique multi-buyer, multi-channel and multi-service platform while having the means to customise for each purchaser the activation of the channels and the opening of the services offered by channel. Each actor in this ecosystem has an appropriate view on the platform associated with management and administration tools.

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