Issuing cards

An array of benefits to meet all expectations

In a market overwhelmed by fierce competition, having solutions that offer the freedom to define “card” products becomes essential for issuers.

The SELECT-PX® Card-Issuing software suite manages a wide range of solutions that can be linked to multi-currency debit accounts, prepaid accounts, Wallets… It offers a wide range of services available on a multi-channel basis (payment, cash-in, cash out, money transfer, bill payment, e-voucher and e-top up…) via different payment methods (contact or contactless card, Mobile HCE or Wallets).

By combining it with payment gateways and taking advantage of SELECT-PX®‘s multi-currency capabilities, issuers can also meet the mobility needs of their customers by offering them products based on private, national, regional or international cards.

Thanks to its architecture and its functional richness, the issuers have a complete system able to offer a 360° view on the card wallet of the customers, manage in a secure and optimised way the whole cycle of use of the card (issue, authorisations, transactions, compensation, prevention against fraud…).

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