Turnkey service

Turnkey service delivery

S2M Payment As A Service materializes what Agility and Reliability can generate; an operating model that pays attention to its customers meets their optimization and size requirements while allowing them to adapt to their future developments in a proactive way.
S2M Payment As A Service is a driving force behind technology solutions and value-added professional services covering both ITO and BPO.
** ITO through platform monitoring (SMTP, POP, HTTP, DNS…) and its performance (CPU, storage…) as well as supervision of the infrastructure (Terminals, ATMs, technical interfaces with partners, VISA, MasterCard, UPI…), notifications, incident management, and Reporting.
** BPO through the management of cards (opposition, activation, change of thresholds, accounts, fraudulent transactions and repudiations), activity reports (issue or acquisition) litigation files, terminals etc…

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