- Cannes, France

The first digital trust technology event
TRUSTECH is unique in its coverage of all secure and reliable solutions, from smart cards, secure documents to AI and hardware, and embedded software for IoT.

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Seamless Philippine
Manilla, Philippine

The Future of Payments, Banking, Financial Inclusion, Identity, eCommerce & Retail. With 23 years of history, Seamless Philippines covers the entire commercial eco-system; big ideas, market disrupters, the major industry trends, and the technologies that the future market will work with.

Africa Banking Forum
Douala, Cameroun

The Africa Banking Forum (ABF) is an annual and regional event for banking activities and technologies. For the last twenty years, it has worked towards a banking system which lives up to its ambitions and which will create value for the African economies.

Africa IT & Telecom Forum
Abidjan, Ivoy Cost

Africa IT & Telecom Forum is considered as the crossroads of the digital economy and innovation
The main subjects that will be discussed during these 2 days are : Innovation, e-services, e-Governance, e-commerce, Transformation, security …

Cards Middle East

The Futures of Payments, Fintech, Identity, eCommerce & Retail
Seamless is the key meeting place of this new world of trade. This event was built on 20 years of experience, bringing together pioneers and leaders of the payment, fintech, identification, e-commerce and retail sectors.

Insurance’s meetup
Casablanca, Morocco

The new frontiers of insurance

The 6th edition of the 2019 insurance event offers Moroccan and foreign insurers a lively space to debate around issues and important matters following the market trends.

Africa Pay & ID Expo *APIDE*
Marrakech, Morocco

Africa Pay & ID Expo is the B2B platform, combining debates and networking, for all card, payment, identification and mobile professionals in North, West and Central Africa. Organized throughout two days dedicated to card technologies, biometrics, government and payment solutions, Africa Pay & ID Expo brings together conferences and exhibitions in one space.

Finnovation Ethiopia
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

“Financial Technologies and the Positive Transformation of the Banking Sector in Africa”

Finnovation Africa Ethiopia, a highly innovative and interactive event with world-class speakers and more than 300 carefully selected participants, will tackle the most pressing issues related to financial technology progress and the positive and profitable transformation of the banking sector in Africa,

Paris Fintech Forum
Paris, France

The landmark event for international Digital Finance & Fintech!

More than 220 CEOs on stage, 120 exhibitors, 150 Fintech from more than 60 countries are expected to take part in the panels & interviews on our stage dedicated to pitches and showcases.

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